The Haas team revealed a renewed image of their VF car this year – 19, which will be in the upcoming race in Singapore, without the logos of former US energy chief sponsor Rich Energy.

Rich Energy, sponsor of the Haas team, terminated its contract with the US F1 team just before the UK Grand Prix. The energy drinks company claimed at the time that their expense was due to the team's poor performance, especially at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Later, it turned out that the discontinuation was the result of an individual campaign by eccentric director William Storey, and the Haas team had already been forced to remove a small part of Rich Energy's graphics from Formula One cars due to a dispute over copyright on the logo. Rich Energy has lost the lawsuit because a U.S. court ruled that the logo of their energy drink brand was too reminiscent of the Whyte Bikes logo.

Before the Singapore race, the Haas team will finally remove all of the former partner's logos, but will keep the team black and gold in color until the end of this season.

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