Alfa Romeo Team Race Kimi Raikkonen posted on Instagram a photo of his pre-race preparations for the Singapore GP. The Finnish, nicknamed “Iceman”, justifies his reputation by spending time in a special chamber at – 280 ° before the next race. C.

In an interview with AS recently, Raikkonen admitted that after a long racing career, she feels significantly more pain than she had at a young age.

I always feel pain after racing. In fact, I'm getting older and coming to the point where everything hurts me. The problem is not the neck, but the pain in the back. I don't remember the last time it was so bad.

In collaboration with Cryotech Nordic, Kimi started cryotherapy in a special chamber where the ambient temperature is incredible – 131 ° C and skin temperature drops to just a few degrees Celsius for a short time.

Whole body cryotherapy is performed in a chamber at a temperature of – 130 ° C to – 160 ° C, in an atmosphere of cryogenic gas gas. The process of cryotherapy works by reducing the skin temperature to just a few degrees Celsius in a short time. Based on the research results published so far, the above temperature range is optimal for achieving the expected beneficial effects that the human body can have when exposed to low temperatures.

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