Team chief Christian Horner has revealed that Red Bull has addressed to the FIA authorities certain questions about the doubts raised by the Red Bulls team about the legality of a superior Ferrari power unit.

Ferrari, with the help of the raw power of its PU, won the races in Spa and Monza, as competition failed to find the answer to the speed of the Ferrari car on the long straights.

A GPS analysis of German AMuS showed that Ferrari had taken an additional step forward with the third PU specification, and Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel were expected to have additional 55  HP under certain circumstances.

In the meantime, due to Ferrari’s dominance on the straights, competing teams have repeatedly raised suspicions of irregularities.

Red Bull chief Christian Horner has revealed that his team has also asked the FIA authorities about the legality of the Ferrari PU.

We have repeatedly asked the FIA questions about the Ferrari engine, as we have certain doubts. No answers have been received yet.

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