Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff admitted he regretted not getting to know Michael Schumacher better during the period when the legendary German was racing for the silver arrow team.

The seven-time world champion joins Mercedes in the year 2010, and in three seasons he once stepped onto the winning stage. Wolff, who joined the Silver Arrows team at the end of his career as a seven-time World Champion, regretted that Schumacher had never been able to get to know him better.

“Unfortunately, I never had a real chance to get to know Michael better. We met on a plane to Singapore and he asked me if I was in for a backgammon party. “

“I thought I was a pretty good player, but he beat me twice in a rather shameful way” explains Wolff.

When Schumacher completed his career 2012 for the second time, he wanted to become an ambassador for the Stuttgart concern.

“We had a nice conversation in Geneva in which Michael revealed to me that he wanted to support the team and become an ambassador for Mercedes. I felt an immediate connection between us, but unfortunately that was the last time I spoke to him. “

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