Lewis Hamilton [Mercedes] was the fastest in the second free training session before racing for the Singapore GP at Marina Bay. The Briton was just over two tenths of a second faster than Max Verstappen [Red Bull], while Sebastian Vettel [Ferrari] was third by almost a second. )

Lewis Hamilton was in the qualification simulation for 0, 73 with faster than Max Verstappn, who, however, had a lot of problems with his fast lap traffic. Third place went to Sebastian Vettel, who was 0 behind the fastest time 818 seconds.

In preparation for the fast lap, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen got involved … https://t.co/Bz0TmmVIez

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Albon collided in another sector and continues with a broken front wing…

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Valtteri Bottas came in 1.2 seconds behind the top three, with Alexander Albon [Red Bull] in fifth place.

It was only the sixth time in his second free training session that Charles Leclerc, the winner of the last two races, was set to tackle the balance of his Ferrari in the last sector.

Ferrari replaced the Leclerc gearbox after a failure. Monacan will not be penalized, as he used a gearbox designed solely for racing in free training…

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Carlos Sainz [Mclaren] took seventh place and Nico Hulkenberg [Renault] came in eighth.

The top ten were also added by team runners Lando Norris [Mclaren] and Pierre Gasly [Toro Rosso].

Why does Sergio Perez keep squeezing people into the wall at Singapore ????

And this is only FP2 as well…. wow. # SingaporeGP pic.twitter.com/z73 vcGSZ5e

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3. free training will be Saturday at 12: 00.


According to the first laps of the race simulation, Hamilton is significantly faster on S tires than Red Bull and Ferrari…

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? # F1 # SingaporeGP


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Ferrari has brought a major update package to Singapore

pic.twitter.com/77 bT2AaGBv

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September 20, 2019

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