The commissioners fined Mercedes a fine for the 600 $ fine because of the low fuel temperature in Lewis Hamilton's garage.

Following the end of the first free training in Singapore, the Mercedes team has been investigated by FIE commissioners for suspected breach of Formula 1 technical regulation.

After completing the training, the commissioners found that the temperature of the fuel used by Lewis Hamilton was 2019 ° C below the limit prescribed in Article 6.5.2 of this Technical Regulation.

Technical delegate Jo Bauer explained that the FIA ​​had found a deviation from the prescribed minimum fuel temperature by more than

° C, which is against current regulations.

After his first free training, Bauer said:

“When reviewing sensors from Hamilton Mercedes, we found deviations from the permitted fuel temperature and now have referred the matter to the commissioners, who will decide on possible sanctions.”

The commissioners fined the Mercedes team a fine of ($ $ US. This is a similar punishment to Antonio Giovinazzi [Alfa Romeo] for a similar offense this year.


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