(Motorsport-Total.com) – The FIA ​​is already the first findings from the accident report of the Formula 2 crash of Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa in the technical regulations 2019. Further developments will follow in the course of the new regulations Anthoine Hubert


The FIA ​​wants to learn lessons from the tragic Hubert accident as soon as possible Zoom Download

The examination , which is already shortly after the tragic incident in the Raidillon – curve was initiated, has set forth in a first cognitive report the unprecedented magnitude of forces that Hubert and Correa collision were released.

Initial fatal collision data were recently presented by the FIA ​​at a meeting of the Technical Working Group. That forum where regulations are discussed. The Formula 1 teams will now do their own further analysis.

FIA asks teams to analyze the chassis

Although the rules deadline Safety continues to be made. Especially when non-structural aspects of the car are affected, such as additional side panels or the design of the noses – both components that are attached to the monocoque.

Further investigation may require more stringent impact testing and load requirements be introduced for the season 2021. These changes may also be added after the original deadline. These provisions will probably be introduced also for the regulations of the junior series of Formula 2 down.

“This is currently being investigated,” confirms Racing Point Chief Technology Officer Andrew Green. “Teams were asked to do chassis design analysis.” With this, the FIA ​​wants to understand where the current regulations regarding the stability of the chassis currently stand.

“No chassis survives such an impact” The Briton is still shocked by the impact of the crash: “The energy involved was just huge, and whether that's a Formula 2 or Formula One chassis, no current chassis can survive such a collision.”

And not too close: “We are not a few percent off, but a pretty big piece.” After all, the released energy was far too large to save the life of the 2019 year-old Anthoine Hubert.

“You have to absorb part of the energy with your nose, which worked as expected, but that was only a fraction of what was actually necessary.” In future, therefore, the front end should be able to absorb more energy. In addition, the technicians want to increase the strength of the side flank.

All Formula 1 teams are closed behind the changes. “This can definitely be considered for But there is still talk about what can be done for Finally, it is never too late to make any small changes in safety.

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