(Motorsport-Total.com) – Just over a month left, the new regulations for 2021. Financial, sporting and technical aspects will be discussed until the end of October. Now the FIA ​​has introduced a new system that offers an “open-source” alternative to the unit parts for 2021



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The teams would reveal their designs for individual components on the FIA's website, all other competitors would have access. Thus, the standardized parts could be reduced and still costs could be saved.

The teams are basically not pleased about standard components, because it restricts them in their development work. In addition, supply elements are often viewed with concern for performance, reliability, and weight.

The idea of ​​the open source variant would require teams to still construct their parts themselves but share the designs of the elements with the others. Merging knowledge could reduce development costs and help new teams get started.

Competitors might consider whether to pick up and even develop plans from other teams. New teams do not have to start from scratch. “The FIA ​​has proposed such a system of open source parts,” confirms Andrew Green.

The Racing Point Chief Technology Officer is excited about the idea: “The teams are publishing their designs the FIA ​​website and everyone else can see what they are using and choosing what they need. ” The Briton emphasizes that the team always strives for the most efficient design. He hopes the idea will be followed up.

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Even costs can be saved and the performance increased, Green is convinced. Finally, the standard weight is around 30 Kilogram 2021 increased – also due to the (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Crash.

In addition, this method would prevent the cars from looking the same. This accusation was made by teams again and again against too many unitary parts. The open source variant could be redesigned for most of the elements that are considered standardized.

“There are many small systems in the cars that we could refine together,” believes Green and lists possible areas: “The wheels, the power steering, the brake-by-wire or the fuel system.”

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