Formula 1 and teams continue to drive new rules that will bring many changes to the fastest sport in the 2021 season. Based on the latest technical rule proposal presented by Liberty Media's team of engineers, the caravan raised fears that the next-generation F1s could be significantly slower than current ones.

According to German AMuS, Formula 1 has introduced to teams the latest version of the new car concept with a sleeker front wing design, a deeper nose and a wider rear wing.

The latest version of the concept immediately encountered a great deal of skepticism as F1 cars of the year 2021 could be at the level of today's Formula 2.

Racing Point Chief Otmar Szafnauer expressed concern for RaceFans.net:

Downforce will be much smaller, which means we'll be 5, 6, or 7 seconds slower than today, depending on the track. I don't think this is the right path for Formula One, which is an elite motorsport class. F1 cars have to be the fastest “beasts” on the planet.

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