(Motorsport-Total.com) – Mercedes is watching the internal team duel at Ferrari with tension. While the hierarchy of the Silver Arrows in Singapore was once again illustrated by the strategy of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas , the circumstances at to be less clear to the Italians. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff can imagine that the tension between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel is still increasing.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc


Vettel vs. Leclerc: In Singapore, the better ending for the German Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc Zoom Download

Rivalry and escalation in the team arise, “he reminds himself of the years of Hamilton and Nico Rosberg back. “We have experienced that too.” Today, Mercedes has a strong team structure with a “clear philosophy.”

This philosophy became apparent in the Singapore race when Bottas was forced to slow down so Hamilton could still take fourth place after his pit stop. The five-time world champion is clearly the top dog among the silver medalists.

(************************************************************) *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** so superior in their title fight, threatened no danger from the outside. The two riders were able to focus on their duel.

Ferrari looks different. With Mercedes and Red Bull, there are two strong opponents to beat. “This is a positive thing for us because they take away points from each other,” says Wolff. That was an advantage for his team. But he does not want to talk about championship points in general.

Because it's still too early to attribute Mercedes the title of world champion. “It's about optimizing what we have and winning races.” That did not succeed in Singapore, despite the role of favorites. In the end, the team stumbles over the strategy.

But even in qualifying you could not beat Ferrari. Do you need updates for Russia? “It's not about updates, it's about getting the most out of our package.” We missed that at night because of too many mistakes.

“We had the package to get the pole and we had the chance to win today, but we have to made many mistakes and missed too many options. ” The team is aware of that, emphasizes Wolff. Ferrari, on the other hand, no longer seems to be a danger on power lines.

“They have an incredibly powerful drive, which is a very important component,” the Viennese pays tribute to the Red. “This may allow them to use more strategic set-up options,” he suggests.

(***********************************************************************) a strong package ” Newly used this weekend. “This is the simple story that people like to tell, but I think they have a strong package overall and do everything right.”

The SF But: “You could see that they were nowhere at the Rennpace.” That's why Hamilton would have had a chance: “If there had been fewer safety cars at the end, we'd have had a good car and maybe a chance of winning, but we did not have the right strategy.”

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