Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff revealed after the Singapore GP race that they were very disappointed in the silver arrow camp over his performance and stressed that the team of current Formula One World Champions should show much more.

Before the race weekend in Singapore, Mercedes was the first favorite to win, leaving Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas without even a step.

The disappointment of silver arrows was revealed after the race by team boss Toto Wolff:

“We are very angry and disappointed. The atmosphere in the team is not the best, as we all think we should show significantly more. We have missed the opportunity to use The idea of ​​an undercut is to make a few laps before the racer. The runner with an earlier stop gets the advantage of new tires and can drive faster times than his rival who still rides with worn tires. If the rhythm difference is large enough, his rival will return after him and undercutt In principle, it is a series of two or three fast laps on fresh tires. But there is always a danger that the first-time racer will be back in the market for slower racers and cannot take advantage of an earlier stop. ” href = “https://portal-f1.si/glossary/undercut/”> undercut attack them with a Ferrari, and then there is nothing left but to take risks and stay on track. Ferrari was very powerful and we can be very concerned as they have taken a big step forward. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are determined to get back in the game in Russia. ”

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