(Motorsport-Total.com) – The tire theme is again in focus in Formula 1. To create more excitement, some suggestions have been made regarding the rules For example, in the free trainings not to provide certain tire compounds. This would allow the teams to collect less data, making the race more unpredictable. But tire manufacturer Pirelli is against it.

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Only two more blends on Friday? Pirelli is against Zoom Download

Mario Isola has reiterated that this proposal is not in the interest of Pirelli. He does not believe in providing only two of the three tire compounds that can be used on a race weekend for the training. Such a scenario may already occur this year.

Either because rain or other weather conditions prevent the use of a tire compound, or because a pilot has selected only one set of tires for the entire weekend. Isola, however, does not want to have this effect codified by regulations.

Three blends in the race? Pirelli waves off

“(********************************************************************) This means that the teams will need a lot of time to understand the blends, and the new proposal means that especially the young riders could experience a disadvantage. ” The rookies would lose precious testing time.

For the coming year, the Italian could imagine such a restriction even more: “We have the same tire types as this year, the teams already know each other. But (************************************) with the 09 – inch wheels and a completely new car, we go on unknown territory. “

Another proposal is that the driver could be forced to to use all three mixes in the race. That would equal two mandatory pit stops. However, Isola is also skeptical about this variant.

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“There was some discussion, but I do not think that will work out, because the three blends would push all the teams back in one direction.” Above all, that would speak against different strategies.

As far as the mixes on a weekend are concerned, they expressed the wish to extend them to all five for the race. The teams themselves should be able to decide from the pool of C1 to C5, which tires they want to use.

“This was discussed and we offered to give the teams additional options.” However, Isola can imagine that not all races have all the blends available. “Because riding the C5 at Suzuka or Silverstone would be too aggressive a choice.”

All five mixes on the weekend? Limited a tire on such a track can only be done three or four laps. “

Pirelli also suggested making more than three blends per weekend or even using other blends, but that is

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A tension element, which is also discussed again and again, is the qualifying. Liberty Media is thrilled with the idea of ​​ , The tire supplier would not have any problems with that, as it would not change the number of tires for a weekend.

“We did not discuss the tire choice for this race, but my feeling tells me it's no problem At the moment they have seven sets of tires for qualifying and races, so we can keep the same rules and after the third practice they will have seven sets for both races. “

In such a case Isola imagine that the teams would not consume already on Saturday all soft tire sets. “The teams would have a different approach to the weekend and as far as the regulations are concerned, I think it would be feasible.”

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