(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Haas team causes confusion on Russia's weekend – with their own drivers. Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean are on different Aero configurations again. Who drives on the Melbourne Spec and who does not, even with the two does not seem to be very clear. That's why Team Principal Günther Steiner explains. He speaks of a “ hybrid variant”.

Kevin Magnussen


Haas drives with a “Hybrid Spec” in Russia Zoom Download

“Ask someone who knows”, Magnussen lets the questioning journalists flash off. He did not want to answer if he was on the same spec in qualifying as his team-mate. Only so much is revealed: “We made changes since yesterday.”

Postscript: “All this talk about the specification is getting boring.” On Friday it was surprising to hear that, contrary to the original plans in Russia, both drivers did not ride the Melbourne-Spec. Only Grosjean had that variant in use, Magnussen, however, the newest.

Steiner: “There was no spec-change” use the Aero-Spec as a kind of set-up tool. ” The cars of the two Haas pilots were therefore not completely different on Saturday.

Since the US troupe since the first comparison test in Silverstone now well know about the merits of the various specifications, Different packages are used differently depending on the layout and conditions. “We want to use these aero set-ups more as a tool to tune the cars.”

Because: “We now understand what we need for which route.” One could not clearly separate tests of coordination work. Haas will try to use the best parts from all specifications. “I call it a hybrid, so we will not always have exactly the same tuning on both cars.”

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The performances in qualifying in Russia speak for the experiments of the team: Grosjean manages to jump into the top (******************************************************************************************************) Rank nine ( 1, 2019 seconds). Magnussen does not get ranked (*************************************************************************************)

“It was very constructive,” says a pleased Steiner. “Unfortunately, Kevin had caught this gust of wind in Kurve also made it into Q3, because he was very fast. ” Magnussen himself was upset after the Q2 out. “Today we could have really done shine,” he believes.

“My first Q2 lap was bad, but I was confident I could improve a lot.” I was in the next lap In the first sector, much faster, but then I made a mistake in turn 8 and the rear broke out, I had to drive over the curb. That's it. “

Grosjean: “Getting the tires working” (*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) seconds to move into Q3. “We had so much pace that we could have done it for sure.” On Twitter, he processed his twisted session in a humorous way …

Grosjean is pleased with his successful time hunt: “That was much better than in Singapore., We are really happy It felt very good in the morning, it was also very good in qualifying and I'm happy with that. ” He speaks of a “surprise” because he would not have expected such a weekend.

The secret: “We manage to bring the tires up to temperature and the curves are very helpful . ” For Sunday he wants “cloudy” conditions, because too hot temperatures would give the VF – 620 dislike. The race pace on Friday encourages him.

“The race track looked pretty good on the soft tire on Friday compared to the others, at least we were not far away, so we're confident” also team boss Steiner. He hopes for the first points for Haas since the summer break.

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