(Motorsport-Total.com) – From Formula 1 season McLaren will drive again with Mercedes drives . The collaboration with partner Renault will come to an end after three years. Significantly responsible for the decision to change the engine partner was Andreas Seidl. The German has been working as a team leader for the traditional team McLaren since May and is taking steps in the background to be able to build on old successes. One building block, for example, is the construction of a new wind tunnel in Woking .

Andreas Seidl


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“I have now with Andreas Seidl, the Formula 1 Team heads up our leadership team, “says McLaren CEO Zak Brown. “When he came to us, I asked him, 'What do we need to get back to the top?' He then quickly came up with the recommendation for a new wind tunnel and he was in charge of the power unit's decision – of course it was a joint decision, but Andreas was the driving force behind it. “

Between and 2014 McLaren and Mercedes already worked together. Then McLaren revived an old partnership with Honda. After three years of failure there was a breakup. Since then McLaren drives with Renault. The last podium finish dates back to the last Mercedes year And since (*******************************************************************************************************) On the other hand, Mercedes has won all world titles since (***************************************************************************************************)

Kevin Magnussen


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“Mercedes-Benz is the powerhouse benchmark in the hybrid era, in terms of both performance and reliability,” says Brown. “And of course, their racing team is the benchmark of the decade, so it's best to have what we believe is the best engine in our car, and ultimately, we want to chase the best-ever Formula One team.”

McLaren is currently battling the Renault factory team for fourth place in the Constructors' World Championship. This shows that McLaren has the resources to be on par with a factory team. Mercedes is currently on a different level, of course. But Brown thinks McLaren can take the next step with Mercedes drives: “It's a good situation for McLaren, because we want to get back to the top.”

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