Enlighten on the Energica MotoE™ Dash for Life for YOUR likelihood to plug the tune on Sunday

Develop that Two Wheels for Life, the pleasant charity of MotoGP™, is giving followers a thoroughly different different in 2019? The Energica MotoE™ Dash for Life is exclusive this season, giving followers the likelihood to portray on the abilities of utilizing a lap of every Colossal Prix circuit on the unique Energica Ego Corsa MotoE™ bike in front of the packed grandstands on Sunday.

The Dash for Life has been happening right by the season at every of the awesome circuits the MotoGP™ World Championship visits, from the refined Mugello to the cruel Circuit of the Americas and in every single predicament in between. After about a educate laps on the Energica Ego Corsa MotoE™ machine on Saturday, the winning bidder heads out ON RACE DAY for a lap in front of the followers old to the racing gets underway.

The winning bidder additionally enjoys the burly VIP abilities right by the weekend with paddock passes, MotoGP VIP Village™ hospitality, a pit lane poke and grid accumulate entry to – getting straight reduction no longer off beam after the lap and into the coronary heart of the action.

The next Energica MotoE™ Dash for Life takes predicament at Buriram in Thailand, and there’s mild likelihood to portray on the abilities for future events – at the side of the once-in-a-lifetime Phillip Island!

To search out out more in regards to the odd different of the Energica MotoE™ Dash for Life, click on right here!

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