French surgeon Philippe Menasche, who recently underwent surgery in Michael Schumacher in Paris, denied allegations by some media that he should treat his patients with experimental methods and stressed that he was not doing any miracles.

According to Le Parisien, Michael Schumacher was brought to Paris in strict secrecy, to receive special cell therapy at the Georges-Pompidou Hospital Cardiovascular Unit, under the guidance of renowned surgeon Philipp Menasch. They describe the French media as a pioneer of cell surgery in preventing heart failure.

After much speculation, Menasche also spoke publicly, denying in his interview with La Repubblica that Schumacher was receiving experimental treatment.

“I don't do miracles. We do not carry out any experiments with my team as this is in complete contradiction with my principles and my vision of medicines. In recent weeks, my department has received a real blast of media attention, but now everything has calmed down a bit. A lot of people are looking for me and I have to explain to them that I am not doing any experimental treatments. Cell therapy has advanced a lot in recent years, but the truth is that we still know very little. “

Surgeon: I doubt Schumacher is in Paris for brain therapy

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