Mclaren team CEO Zak Brown declined to allow the Woking team to race Ferrari engines at any time.

Mclaren and Mercedes have also officially confirmed that they will resume the legendary partnership in the off-season 2021, and Mclaren will be racing at least one act end of the season with Mercedes powertrains 2024 ).

Although Ferrari's powertrains are currently the benchmark for all F1 teams, Zak Brown declined the option.

Mclaren will not race with Ferrari engines just because of the competitiveness of our brands in road cars. Mclaren and Ferrari are historic rivals and, as a result, such cooperation is not possible. Although the Ferrari engine is currently one step ahead of everyone, it needs to be looked at in the long run. Mercedes is the optimal choice for us and we look forward to a common future. I am convinced that our partnership will be extremely successful.

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