(Motorsport-Total.com) – The change from McLaren to Mercedes engines from the Formula 1 season According to the current state of the French (from ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Team boss Cyril Abiteboul now reveals that McLaren actually had big plans.

Zak Brown, Cyril Abiteboul


Cyril Abiteboul would have liked to work longer and closer with McLaren (***********************************************************************) Zoom


“Since the beginning of our partnership, McLaren World Cup came from ninth to four, so we can see it as a very successful relationship, “said Abiteboul. It has been shown in conversations last, however, “that Renault and McLaren have different ambitions for the future.” How exactly is that meant?

Abiteboul reveals that Renault wanted to enter into a “strategic partnership” with McLaren. The aim of this partnership would have been “to work to reduce the gap [zu den drei Topteams] together.” Because Abiteboul explains that Renault and McLaren are currently at about the same level. “But there are worlds between us and the top three teams,” he admits.

“I think we would have been stronger together,” said Abiteboul, who therefore speaks of a “missed opportunity”. But how exactly would this partnership have looked like? “There is the fantastic model between Haas and Ferrari, it would have been just another model of collaboration between two groups,” he explains.

(*******************************************************************************) 2019 McLaren's painful & expensive return to Mercedes

(****************************************************************) McLaren will drive again with Mercedes engines in F1. We look back on the way. Other Formula 1 Movies (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** of the motor. In addition, there should have been various “synergies” between Woking and Enstone. “Our suggestion to McLaren battle may be a bit unusual,” admits Abiteboul. Be “a little bit more open with regard to the artwork [gewesen], as Groups can cooperate.”

“That does not mean that [McLaren] Junior or B team from Renault, “Abiteboul said. “Of course, that would not have happened, so we did not even think about it, but our approach to battle is not really interesting for McLaren,” he explains, adding, “I think McLaren is just looking for a very simple and clear customer relationship.”

McLaren did not want cooperation (***************************************************) “So they presented it to us, they wanted a supplier, and Mercedes is without a doubt a very good one,” explains Abiteboul, adding, “McLaren focuses only on the chassis.” That is also “logical”, although he also mourns a possible partnership. At the same time he makes clear: “We do not get into a completely different space than today.”

It was effectively “no change” to the current Snarl and ” no improvement, but no deterioration “. In the Constructors' Championship McLaren and Renault are currently working together 10 points. By comparison, Crimson Bull, the worst of the three top teams, has already collected (***********************************************) counters alone. Mercedes is even at the top (************************************************************************************)

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