Formula One World Champion 1997 Jacques Villeneuve is concerned about Sebastian Vettl's future at Ferrari, as he believes the Maranell team has recently sided with his team-mate Charles Leclerc .

Villeneuve believes that the events we witnessed in the last race in Russia are sufficient evidence that Ferrari's power relations have changed, and Scuderia has supported Charles Leclerc after increasing squabbles between the two racers.


“I'm worried about Vettel's future at Ferrari, where they only talk about Leclerc. Ferrari became Leclerc, Leclerc, Leclerc. It is very difficult for a racer when the energy within the team is transferred to your teammate's garage. The events we have seen in Russia are eloquent enough. Half the race, they were thinking of replacing the seats of their racers, though Vettel was faster and deserved to stay in the front. ”

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