(Motorsport-Whole.com) – The contrasts could not be greater: In the Formula 1 season 1994 Michael Schumacher won in Benetton B 194 his first world title. At the other end of the grid Pacific was again. The team remained without a single championship point and missed the qualification on a regular basis.

Michael Schumacher


The successful Benetton B Michael Schumacher ******) Zoom Accumulate

Curious about it: The B 620 and the PR Although the naked results suggest otherwise, both cars had the same origin – namely in Reynard's failed Formula 1 project.

Michael Schumacher Similar to Benetton and Pacific ) While Benetton 1995 became world champion, Pacific regularly missed the qualifiers – the B 620 and the PR (***********************************************************************) basically the same DNA! 1-Movies

In our video we highlight the interesting constellation and explain why the one car intestine enough battle to win the title in the drivers' championship, while the pilots in the other car from the seventh race of the season no longer managed the qualification at any single Sizable Prix.

The formula 1 efflu Pacific Battle was not a successful project anyway. After being left without points Winning the World Cup …

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