Formula One World Champion 1997 and Sky television expert Jacques Villeneuve thinks the achievements of Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are nothing special, as he believes they both won the best cars .

Lewis Hamilton is well on his way to winning the sixth Formula One World Champion title, leaving behind the legendary Michael Schumacher just behind the title. The British could already surpass the incredible German record 91 in the upcoming F1 season. victories and thus top the charts of the most successful F1 racers.

However, Jacques Villeneuve does not pay much attention to the record hunt, as he believes that the achievements of both racers are nothing special.

“Both Schumacher and Hamilton won only when they had the best car available. Both racers spent their entire careers in winning races. The fact is that Hamilton would not have achieved a single win with Williams this year, even though he is a great runner. He always made good decisions and chose the right team. The question is whether he could even win with Ferrari. “

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