Lewis Hamilton vs. Marc Marquez: Comparison between F1 and MotoGP Legends


Marc Marquez won the sixth World Elite Motorcycle Championship last weekend in Thailand, and Lewis Hamilton is likely to win the sixth F1 star at the end of the month in a race in Mexico.

Both tremendous champions have completely dominated each in their race class in recent years, with both Marquez and Hamilton leaving only one World Championship title to competitors in recent years.

Marquez began his incredible series early in his debut season at MotoGP, while Hamilton’s dominance began with the hybrid era that Formula One had entered years 2014.

Lewis Hamilton vs Marc Marquez: A Comparison of the Year 2013…

Lewis Hamilton – F1 Marc Marquez – MotoGP
135 RACES 123
61 (45, 2 %) WINS53 (43, 1%)
98Podiums 91
33 FASTEST Laps 54
2427 POINTS 2180

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