Mclaren 2015 broke off his long successful partnership with Mercedes as a team wanted an exclusive powertrain supplier from Woking to bring Mclaren back to the top of Formula 1. Calvary with Honda followed, an average episode with Renault, and Mclaren will be back in the year 2021, after six years of agony, finally returned okay to Mercedes.

After years 2014 it became clear that Mercedes had developed a long way best hybrid technology, Ron Dennis announced the termination of his longstanding partnership, and Mclaren regained his strength after two decades with Honda. The Japanese returned to Formula 1 completely unprepared, and the legendary Mclaren, despite Fernand Alons, was doomed to start the race. Dennis was convinced that McLaren needed an exclusive partner to win the title, and eventually alpha and omega fell victim to the Honda debacle.

Mclaren has taken over the new set, and Zak Brown has taken over the reins of the F1 team. After three years of flare-ups, Mclarn decided to try to extinguish the fire with Renault. The Woking team entered the season 2018 with high-flying predictions, and the grounding was hard and painful. It became clear that Honda was not the sole culprit for McLaren’s problems, and Renualt did not bring the expected return to the top.

Formula 1: Mclaren

The second most successful team in F1 history has found itself in a crisis of identity that Woking sought to find in a relatively unsuccessful attempt on the American Indy series. Alonso left the team, and in Woking they realized that lagging behind the best F1 teams was simply too big.

Mclaren will return to okay Mercedes after six years of kicking into the dark. In a way, the British team drew a white flag and admitted defeat. Mclaren lost half a decade in selling hard-earned reputation around the world. Will the legendary F1 team with Mercedes nevertheless return to the top? Ask Williams.


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