Former Formula 1 racer Jenson Button has been a teammate of many great racers throughout his career.

The World Champion of the Season 2009 admitted to the official F1 podcast Past the grid that he would have a hard time choosing which of his former teammates is the best and emphasizing that each has his own qualities.

Button answered the question about his best teammate:

“It is difficult to define what it means to be the best. Choosing the fastest would say Lewis Hamilton, while Fernando Alonso was the most versatile. Everyone had their own strengths and weaknesses, as I had myself. In technical terms, in my opinion, Rubens Barrichello was better than all the world champions. He devoted a great deal of time to car settings and I learned a lot from him. I was also surprised by Checo Perez, who was really fast on the tracks that suited him. Many racers are very good, and each of them has some special feature. I would have a hard time choosing one that I would say is the best. ”

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