F1 World Champion of the Season 1997 Jacques Villeneuve is convinced that the planned introduction of an additional race with a reverse start will mean the destruction of Formula 1, as we have known for decades.

Formulation 1 wants more unpredictable racing in the coming season, and one idea is an additional Saturday race with a reversed start, which among the racers is overly acclaimed, because before the race in Russia, opposition to experimenting with rules on behalf of GPDA racing associations were voiced by President Romain Grosjean.

Jacques Villeneuve also strongly opposes the idea of ​​an inverted starting line:

“It's a fun idea, but it's not Formulation 1 and it's not racing. Such measures will turn professional sports into play. If they want it right, but it will no longer be a sport. Formulation 1 has been building 70 for years, and I don't understand why something needs to be changed just to make the TV show more entertaining. I don't know why people keep complaining and dreaming about F1 in 60. or 70. years and the fight between Prost and Senna. In those days, Prost and Senna stayed ahead of the circle, which was not too much fun. ”

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