Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto is confident that he will not lose control of his racers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, though he cannot guarantee that the events we saw at the race in Russia will not be repeated.

In the opening rounds of the race in Russia, a real radio drama was taking place at Ferrari, as Sebastian Vettel did not want to give Charles Leclerc a leading position. After the race, both runners confirmed that it was a team deal, which Leclerc and Vettel understood somewhat differently.

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto assures that he will not lose control of his racers before the race for the Russian GP.

”Of course, I cannot say that something like this will never happen again, as both are extremely competitive. Nevertheless, I am sure that we have all learned something together. Sebastian and Charles realize they are racing for Ferrari, where the team comes first. After the race we talked and resolved any misunderstandings. “

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