(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula 1 will take a forced break on Saturday in Japan, as decided by the FIA ​​and Formula 1 management. Typhoon “Hagibis” stops. Due to expected rainfall and gusts of wind, qualifying was held up to (*****************************************************************************************) km / h on sunday morning . The Formula 1 drivers have thereby gained a free Designate. Your alternative plans could not be more different. ( To the new schedule & TV-Handbook! )

Lewis Hamilton


Hamilton swaps Formula 1 cars for scooters Zoom Download

his thought. “We were bowling yesterday, that was great fun.” Background: There is a bowling alley in the hotel. The bowling alley will be converted into an evacuation center, according to information from 'Motorsport-Total.com'

“I think we can not leave the hotel?”, The Briton wonders. If the bowling alley is closed, he has alternatives: “Maybe a little karaoke or Netflix.” Even with the racing point pilots Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll, the streaming service is very popular.

Ricciardo: No web for the Boys an Instruct Already on Thursday in the press conference by Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz a FIFA tournament was announced. “We will probably organize a tournament,” confirms the Dutchman with a smile on demand.

Only Instruct could be the Internet connection, because that could be in the violent hurricane. “Maybe we can play online if we have an internet connection.” Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo sees the Millennials put to the test.

“I've heard that there should not be WiFi, we Millennials will have trouble with that,” he fears and has one better idea: “I'll probably look for a bar somewhere.” Although he had already announced that he did not like sake


Photo gallery: We love Japan: The craziest Formula 1 fans in Suzuka

Is that about …? No, of course that's not the real Sebastian Vettel but a fan who gets himself an autograph at Valtteri Bottas here – at least we believe! On every tumble this picture is taken at the best snapshots of the Japan GP very far ahead. (***************************************************************) Photo gallery

That's why Sonnyboy has an even better idea: ” I go to the beach, maybe I borrow a jet ski, “jokes the Australian. “No, I think everything will be closed, that would be the best way to get away from all the technology for a designate and to tell us stories.”

Sebastian Vettel counts himself not really to the younger generation anymore. At least he does not want to play FIFA: “No, I'm out of old age, I do not have any thought yet.” The Heppenheimer relies more on data analysis, sports and regeneration.

The same tactic will follow also teammate Charles Leclerc: “I'll sleep late, because I have a little jet lag problems go through the data and see where I can drive even better. “

Lewis Hamilton looks relaxed at the effort. He even wants to leave Suzuka on Friday evening for Tokyo. “Maybe I will go to Tokyo, spend a nice evening there with good food.”

“Then I could go back tomorrow.” Where – if the weather warning – Hamilton of this outing is probably not advisable. He has another idea: “There are about three hours from here, a bay where they slaughter dolphins,” says the Briton, who is very committed to animal welfare.

According to the Film “The Bay” in Taiji annually around 11. 000 Dolphins killed. “I would like to see it, because it would be intestine to draw attention to it, but I do not know how long it takes to get there.” This is not the most beautiful part of Japanese culture, “Hamilton seems thoughtful.

Haas-Oldie Romain Grosjean has made a special trip. He wants to make a model car. “I bought a Tyrrell six-wheel as a small model to assemble,” he beams. “I also bought glue in the shop in Shiroko, where they have really great cars with remote control.”

But then they were too big, besides, the French lack the appropriate tools. “That's why I decided to go for the small plastic model, I'll stick it together, but unfortunately I do not have any color, but I'll stick the sticky label on it.” He also has a program for the waiting time until the glue dries up: “That's where I'm going to turn on the game console.”

“I'm going to play a bit of golf,” smiles Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kwjat addressed his plans. The Russian will watch some movies and probably go to the sauna. He is already too old for video games, jokes the young father.

Hulkenberg: “This is not comparable to Monaco” The Pole was already (************************************************************************************************) Even then, the qualifying due to heavy rains only Sunday morning was held.

“Already when I last In contrast to Kubica, novices in the field have never experienced it before.


(********************************************************************) Photos: Mountainous Prix of Japan

Qualifying 11 in Austin, Texas At the time, neither Alex Albon nor Lando Norris was on the Inaugurate. “I do not know, we got to do it, we have to stay in the hotel and we can not get out, the most important thing is that I make sure I'm here on Sunday”, grins the Brit

. )

Albon notes that it will probably be as similar as in Monaco, where is also not driven on Friday. This is contradicted by Nico Hülkenberg. “You can not compare that to Monaco, where we still have a lot on Fridays, PR appointments, etc. Tomorrow we can not even go to the track, it's a new effort for everyone.” He also wants to participate in the FIFA tournament in Verstappens hotel room.

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