Six out of ten F1 teams have expressed opposition to the latest proposal for a new rule proposed by System 1 for the season 2021, which contains a drastic budget cap.

Only the McLaren, Renault, Alfa Romeo and Williams teams agreed with the latest proposal of a new rule submitted to F1 teams by Liberty Media, while everyone else, led by Ferrari and Mercedes, also opposed it.

The Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull teams, meanwhile, have already put forward their proposal for consideration by the Formula 1 Technical Group at the next meeting 16. October.

The final deadline for intentions for Formula One teams and management to agree to a technical regulation for the F1 season 2021 is 31. October, otherwise the rule could also remain unchanged for the season 2021, which could have fatal consequences for any of the smaller teams.

Ferrari could also use its veto power when negotiating a new Concorde treaty, although Maranell claimed that they did not want to use those options.

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