Lewis Hamilton was unhappy with Mercedes' strategy after the race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki, believing he could finish the race with a single stop in the pits.

With the victory of Valtteri Bottas in the race for the GP of Japan, Mercedes also formally confirmed the sixth consecutive title among constructors.

Lewis Hamilton finished third in the Suzuki race, and the Briton is convinced that he could also take the top podium with a better strategy.

Hamilton, who had already expressed his disagreement over the radio during the race, said after the end of the GP of Japan:

The team has opted for two boxing stops, though I think we could have ended up with fewer stops by better management. The matter could be done better. The team ordered me to approach Vettel after the stop, but as we waited too long, my backlog was already very high. Given that we have chosen a two-stop strategy, we should have done the first stop much earlier.

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