Mclaren team boss Andreas Seidl was very critical of the fabricate behavior of Ferrari and Charles Leclerc, who continued to race despite the damaged front wing.

Leclerc collided with Max Verstappen in the opening lap of the race, and Monacan, despite a badly damaged front wing, remained on the track for a few laps, which resulted in him receiving mark-up penalty 10. seconds . as the wreckage of his Ferrari hit the car of Lewis Hamilton and Land Norris, who were on the track behind Monacan.

Following the race, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto revealed that Leclerc's stop was the result of FIE instructions, and the fabricate behavior of the Maranell team was strongly criticized by McLaren manager Andreas Seidl.

“Obviously, we do not agree with competitors who want to race cars with their entire front wing panel, which threatens everyone else” said to RaceFans.earn .

“Unfortunately, when that end plate fell off, it was after Leclercom Norris who captured the wreckage in the front right brake canal.

The brake temperatures have skyrocketed, so we had to make a stop and clean up the matter. Our race was so over.

Lando was still struggling and also making a great return in tempo, but could no longer be reached. ”

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