Lewis Hamilton believes that Charles Leclerc has already taken over the role of Maranell's first team driver at Ferrari, though he doubts the reasonableness of such a decision and believes that such behavior may be retaliated by the Maranell team.

After Sebastian Vettel's F1 season 2019 began as the undisputed first name of Ferrari, many are now convinced that young Charles Leclerc has already assumed primacy within the Italian squad.

However, Hamilton warns that Ferrari may be too quick to retaliate with Leclerc's advance

“From the outside, it looks like they want to elevate Leclerc to the forefront of the team. Is that good? In my opinion, it is not, but that is their philosophy. I myself was in a similar situation to my first season when Fernando was the team’s first runner at the start of the season, and then things started to change. The fact is, that was not a good thing for the team at the time, and Ferrari will also pay the price if their racers get involved in a duel. ”

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