(Motorsport-Full.com) – If you're looking for (**********************************************************************) a cockpit in Formula 1 would be offered, then Mick Schumacher would strike immediately! The German currently rides in Formula 2 and is regarded by many as a logical candidate for Formula 1 – mainly because of his famous surname.

Mick Schumacher


Mick Schumacher would not refuse a Formula 1 cockpit (****************************************************) Zoom Gather

Also athletic has the , -2 championship, he is only in twelfth place overall. He would not be able to get the necessary points for the super license because his vice-title would disappear from Formula 4.

Currently he still has them, but the question is when Schumacher is ready for Formula One , There is only one answer for him: “You really have to feel good and be at peace with you,” he says in the podcast 'F2: The Road to F1' . But only the driver can tell.

“It's hard for a driver to explain, because it's a feeling in the stomach, in the heart that just tells you that you're ready and sometimes it will tell you: maybe not, “said Schumacher.

(***************************************************************************) World Champion Ferrari F 222501

The Ferrari F 2004 by Michael Schumacher from the season (*******************************************************************), piloted in the supporting program of the Deutschland-Mountainous-Prix (*****************************************************************************) by Mick Schumacher.

Some pilots would mind r anyway and make an offer of Formula 1. But he himself has the long-term future in mind. “You would like to stay in Formula 1 for a longer period of time and do a good job, but you have to (***************************************************************************************) percent ready when you're there, otherwise you're out. “

That he sees himself ready despite the mediocre Formula 2 season You can tell from the question whether Schumacher would accept or reject a cockpit for His terse answer: “I would take it.”


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However, this is currently pure theory, because there are free cockpits next to the Red Bull family, to which Schumacher does not belong, only with Alfa Romeo , He has Schumacher presumably stays in Formula 2 for another year.

But actually he would have to (************************************************************) ascend to defend the family record against Lewis Hamilton, who could catch up with dad Michael's seventh title. When asked, the young driver laughs: “I'll do that for sure.”

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