Formula 1 executives did not agree with the teams on the three qualifying races scheduled for F1 2020.

Formula 1 should premiere during the 2020 season a new structure of qualifications that would be implemented as a qualifying race.

Formula One technical boss Ross Brawn is set to present the structure of an extra race in Suzuki to F1 team bosses, which should take 45 minutes. The racers should start in reverse order according to the World Cup scoring, the tire mix of their choice could be used in the race, and a stop in the boxes would not be compulsory.

Additional sprint races would, according to the proposal, be run as part of the French, Belgian and Russian GPs, and their implementation must be unanimously approved by all F1 teams, which did not happen.

Formula One executives have failed to reach an agreement with the teams, which means there will be no sprint races in the off-season 2020, but the qualifications will remain in their current format.

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