(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton has been able to win eight races this summer until the summer break, but things have not been going well since then. After the live, the Briton was able to finish a single race first – and the victory in Sochi came about by fortunate circumstances. In recent years, Hamilton was able to gain most in the second half of the year. Became is different this year?

Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff


At Mercedes, it is not as round as at the beginning of the season Zoom tired? “There is a good reason why it is a record,” says Motorsport Director Toto Wolff in relation to the six consecutive Mercedes titles. “It's very difficult to keep you on the right track and motivated to be energetic and passionate, we definitely are, but that's not an easy thing.”

That, however, with Hamilton's current Create has to do, the Austrian does not believe. Instead, the competition has just become stronger: “Valtteri (Bottas, Crimson) has increased – and that's good for the Group and also good for Lewis.” The Finn is the only remaining opponent of the World Cup and has been victorious in Japan for the last time.

And then there's Ferrari. “Ferrari has become very strong and has risen again after the summer break,” said Wolff. Ferrari has been able to claim all pole positions since the summer and win three wins. “You have become the bar,” he says. “And the result is that we could not retract the results of the first half of the season.”

“I would not tie him as a driver,” says motorsport boss Hamilton not as a factor for the current weakness of the team. “He's still good at Create, he just does not have the car that gave him those results.”

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