Button: An F1 racer can also win a million dollars in bonuses


Formula One World Champion 2009 Jenson Button, in his book “How To Be An F1 Driver: My Manual To Life In The Like A Flash Lane ” reveals certain financial details of the F1 racers' contracts, especially with regard to astronomical extras that a racer can receives for individual win.

The Formula One racer's salary consists of a fixed and variable part, which includes a number of bonuses on the results achieved.

Button reveals in his book that wage supplements can be extremely high.

Some racers also receive $ 1 million to win a single race. The interesting thing about this is that the bonus to win the title among drivers is usually much smaller, as the extras are in most cases tied to wins. The second story is the title among the constructors, where the allowance is tied to the payout received by the championship team. Like football, racers are significantly better paid than their superiors. Someone like Lewis Hamilton is not only the highest paid member of the Mercedes team, but of the entire Daimler AG, Mercedes.

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