Mercedes reveals bizarre reason for Hamilton's poor form in qualifying


The Mercedes team revealed that Lewis Hamilton's poor form in the pre-US qualifying round was due to the fact that the British man changed the Mercedes car's settings by pushing the wrong button on his steering wheel.

Lewis Hamilton won only fifth place in the pre-Austin qualifying race for visible problems with the behavior of his Mercedes W 10, with Mercedes revealing what caused the average six-time World Champion to form.

The cause of Hamilton's worst qualifying performance this season was explained by Mercedes strategy chief James Vowles.

“Under Lewis's right hand is a small switch that regulates engine braking. This switch is protected by a fuse, which, however, comes off, and Lewis changes the engine's braking settings every time the steering wheel is moved. This was a considerable waste of time and the first attempt went wrong. In the second fast lap, the track was slower and no one was able to fix their time. As a result, Lewis finished fifth only. ”

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