Six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has revealed that his love life does not currently exist, as he is completely focused on racing and Formula One.

Hamilton has been in the relationship for a long time with pop star Nicole Scherzinger, who they parted with for years 2015. Although the British spacious champion has been seen with many beauties in recent years, 34 annual Hamilton admits that he is still single, because for the love life he simply no time.

»I'm bachelor. I don't have time for that, “said the Mercedes driver.

“When you travel as much as I do, it is difficult to maintain a relationship, so it seems like I will not do it until I stop and I no longer need to be so alone. ”

“I want to have children, but I want to be there for them – to be a good and present father – but I would be open to it if I came across someone special.”

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