Former Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo hopes that the sixth world title for Lewis Hamilton will be his last and that it will finally be time for the Ferrari triumph.

Mercedes' dominance in the Formula One's turbo hybrid era continues this season, with Ferrari experiencing another year of drought as far as the title of World Champion among drivers and designers. They again went into the hands of the “Silver Arrow”, the designer of the Grand Prix of Japan, and the driver won the Hamilton race in Austin, USA.

For the British, this is the fifth World Championship title in six years, 2016 he was stripped of his teammate Nico Rosberg at the time. With a new overall victory in the Formula 1 World Cup, Hamilton is just another title behind the record of giant Michael Schumacher.

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Montezemolo hopes Ferrari will be able to stop Hamilton's march on the off-season 2020 a new title to equate to Schumacher. Radio Rai told Italian that he wanted an exciting fight for the terminals of the last race:

“I hope this sixth title will be the last one for Lewis Hamilton and that Ferrari will be back next year. The most important thing would be to see how Ferrari struggles all the terminals of the last race of the season. Reliability issues also occur, but I understand that this can happen when looking for solutions. As a fan, I hope we win next year, and if that doesn't happen, I hope that with a very competitive team, we will only lose the World Cup in the last race. “

If Ferrari wants to increase their chances of beating Mercedes and winning the title (s), they need coordination between drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. Montezemolo firmly stands by what is best for Ferrari:

“I've always been focused on one driver for the rankings and the other for the design championship. I prefer to see the other driver bring the team a point and be able to occasionally make a bigger difference between opponents and a championship contender. Drivers like Irvine, Barrichello and Massa. “

About Leclerc, Montezemolo added:

“It is certainly very fast and has exceeded expectations, but these expectations must grow gradually. For example, he has talked less on the radio in the last few races. I think it's progress. “

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