TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Toyoharu TANABE (Honda), Otmar SZAFNAUER (Racing Level), Christian HORNER (Crimson Bull Racing), Frédéric VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo), Mario ISOLA (Pirelli)


Q: Mario, if we are in a position to also open up with you please. Solid our minds succor a pair of weeks please, to Austin, when the 2020 tyres maintain been tested by the groups. The feedback used to be mixed, what did the groups elaborate you, and what’s the concept going ahead with these tyres?

Mario ISOLA: Yeah, as you acknowledged, the feedback used to be mixed. I believed that we had rather hard cases in Austin. It used to be very cool and the recent tyres are designed with a selected philosophy. So the concept now is to check them again in Abu Dhabi the attach we now maintain a two-day test deliberate particularly for attempting out the recent construction and recent compounds, so we can maintain a comparability that is extra legitimate compared with Austin. We tested this recent construction through the 365 days with the groups and with their cars and we learned an negate by methodology of overheating, by methodology of compounds with a a lot wider working range – however primarily the recent construction used to be designed as a result of each 365 days the efficiency of the cars is increasing and clearly we now maintain to enlighten this amplify in efficiency. If we don’t substitute the construction, the most efficient possibility is to lift the starting up stress – and elevating the starting up stress is making the overheating worse and the behaviour of the tyre in normal worse. So, the recent construction has been designed with the target to preserve the stress as small as that that that you would possibly well perhaps be imagine, primarily primarily based on the reach in the efficiency of the cars. So, I’m hoping that we are in a position to maintain a test in Abu Dhabi that is extra e-book. I completely stamp through the rush weekend all of the groups are focussed on the rush weekend itself, so they’ll not alter the location-up of the automobile – the aero-stability of the automobile – and the recent tyres maintain a selected profile. They’re wider, in particular on the rear, and this has an impact on the downforce of the automobile, along with to the stability of the automobile. So, we desire a small bit beyond regular time to check them effectively on prolonged runs, to fancy if we terminate this target. After that, clearly we’re very elated to accept any… no longer accept any resolution however to discuss about the of the test and to peep what’s extra healthy for the sport.

Q: Having a peep extra ahead, the 18-experience tyres for 2021 maintain been tested by McLaren at Paul Ricard recently. What feedback did you uncover from the drivers and the team?

MI: It used to be obvious feedback. They acknowledged that the 18-experience tyres maintain been better than expected. They’re extra reactive, we confirmed some results that we had with Renault at Paul Ricard in September. So now we’re finalising the 2020 test concept. Clearly we can maintain any other 25 automobile-days of checks however I’m very obvious. And at least, what we now maintain developed for the 2020 tyres, we now maintain some ideas that we are in a position to switch to the 18-experience tyres. So, it’s valuable to preserve this route for the future.

Q: Fred, coming on to you. We’ve requested you this query for some time now and you’ve sooner or later got an solution for us: Alfa Romeo maintain re-signed Antonio Giovinazzi. Can you elaborate us your reasons for that?

Frédéric VASSEUR: I judge he did a if truth be told trusty 2nd share of the season, he improved a lot. He is now matching Kimi in quali and I judge the scenario is never any longer on the driving force aspect. We now maintain got to preserve focussed on this and preserve a consistent line-up, and this is also the most efficient thing to total.

Q: You advise the scenario isn’t with the drivers. Let’s turn our consideration to the team. How effectively has this 365 days long past for you and what are your plans for the team in 2020?

FV: The concept is to total a bigger job next 365 days for particular. We started colorful effectively this season, we maintain been P4 after five or six races and then we began to maintain a enlighten. Diversified points, no longer in any appreciate times the identical, however we didn’t uncover a level in the 2nd share of the season – or one or two substances – on the opposite hand it’s no longer a enlighten in any appreciate times with the perambulate and, on the stop of the day, we’re doing too many mistakes collectively and this is the gigantic scenario.

Q: Otmar, Checo suggested us in the clicking convention the day past that 2019 has been a difficult and disappointing 365 days for Racing Level. Would you settle with him?

Otmar SZAFNAUER: Effectively, it’s no longer what we wished. We surely wished to be a small bit bit extra ahead. We’re appropriate one level before Toro Rosso and 18 in the succor of Renault, so yeah, we maintain been hoping to be fifth or fourth this 365 days, so from that regard, it’s a small bit disappointing. On the opposite hand, having seemed succor at what took set the 365 days sooner than this, when this 365 days’s automobile used to be in trend, we maintain been in a small little bit of turmoil, in particular financially, so it’s no longer aesthetic – though as a team we in any appreciate times want to total better.

Q: As you advise, you’re 18 substances in the succor of Renault, two races to switch. How stop you esteem your possibilities of catching them and even beating them?

OS: Effectively, we’ll stop our easiest. If we are in a position to suggestions the weighbridge and no longer open up from the pitlane, that must assist. Collectively, if we stop a trusty job… however I judge it’s no longer appropriate as a lot as us. I judge we’ll desire a small little bit of luck with a conception to steal them – however we’ll stop the most efficient we are in a position to.

Q: Tanabe-san, has this been a bigger first season with Crimson Bull than you expected?

Toyoharu TANABE: To this level, after 19 races in this season with Crimson Bull, we carried out obvious ends compared with old years. After which two wins, one pole web voice and then, furthermore, each groups on the podium in German Astronomical Prix. We made substantial true growth in the 365 days. We would like to total our easiest in the comfort of two races in this season and then we want to raise over this obvious growth and the momentum for next 365 days.

Q: As you advise, hundreds growth however has it been better than you expected, coming into the connection?

TT: By methodology of the connection, I judge very true. After which, to this level the outcomes of the rush is reckoning on the efficiency compared with varied competitors. It’s no longer straightforward to teach true or heinous. As a result, as I acknowledged, we got wins and a pole web voice. It’s true growth in the connection.

Q: Thanks. Christian, perhaps I could also raise you in on this. How would you sum up growth with Honda during this predominant season collectively?

Christian Horner: I judge it’s been if truth be told obvious. It’s been a extensive relationship. The two firms are working if truth be told effectively collectively. In our first 365 days we now maintain carried out seven podiums to this level, two mountainous prix victories, two pole positions – albeit that we easiest started from pole once – however yes, the growth that has been made with the introduction of each engine has been extensive to peep. Reliability has been trusty. This 365 days used to be in any appreciate times going to be a transitional 365 days in this predominant 365 days of this recent partnership on the opposite hand it feels esteem momentum has built via the 365 days and with stability of rules in all areas for 2020, we’re if truth be told attempting to ranking the shocking momentum from RB15, the most modern automobile, into RB16, which is ready to be our 2020 contender.

Q: Better than expected?

CH: I judge in many respects, yes. I judge when you peep at… there maintain been rather a lot of questions as to why we had made the switch to Honda. I judge very fleet, on the first mountainous prix, we carried out a podium. We’ve scored extra substances than we had as we roar final 365 days. All the method in which via, reliability has been trusty, efficiency has been getting better and better. I judge on the chassis aspect we maintain been affected extra than we belief going into the 365 days by the front cruise law substitute and Honda maintain no doubt exceeded our expectations in all areas. So, it has been a if truth be told very obvious open as a lot as this partnership.

Q: Christian, appropriate one extra question for you. You’ve re-signed Alex Albon for 2020. Precise your reasoning in the succor of that?

CH: Clearly Alex has carried out a if truth be told true job in his first 365 days in System 1. He started the 365 days at Toro Rosso and we then took the different on the summer destroy to promote him into the senior team. The rationale in the succor of that used to be to maintain a peep at him within our enjoy atmosphere. And since stepping into that seat he’s carried out in the pinnacle six at each mountainous prix, once at the moment having to open up from the succor of the grid or even the pit lane. So, he’s pushed exceptionally effectively. He’s given extensive feedback; his perambulate is bettering and bettering, at many circuits at which he’s by no method been to sooner than or worldwide locations he’s by no method been in, esteem right here in Brazil this weekend. He’s earned the seat on advantage. We’re excessive about his potential for the future. It used to be a relatively straightforward resolution to return to, to elongate his relationship with the team because the associate for Max in 2020.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Christian, on Alex: he’s had a colorful rollercoaster 12 or 13 months from thinking he’s racing in System E to getting his F1 different, using an F1 automobile for the first time appropriate sooner than pre-season attempting out in the shake down and then clearly the Crimson Bull call–up. Now he’s going to be going into next 365 days in a automobile you hope is going to be combating for the title. Hang you ever viewed a turnaround esteem this in somebody’s profession and how effectively stop you judge has Alex dealt with that? 

CH: What it demonstrates from Alex’s aspect is extensive tenacity. On the starting up he used to be share of the junior programme, he used to be launched from that early on in his profession and he if truth be told had to fight to succor a profession in motorsport and rely on his skills, tenacity and by no method-give-up perspective. And the methodology he utilized himself, you realize, using for Fred’s team in System 3, he pushed Leclerc laborious that 365 days. System 2 he graduated to and he had a trusty profession in System 2 and then, as you advise, he used to be off to any other self-discipline and then, satirically, trigged by the events created by Daniel’s resolution to switch away to Renault created this likelihood for him to affix Toro Rosso and then very fleet that that you would possibly well even appreciate that he had a trusty skills and extensive rush craft and that’s persevered and grown. After which the different came for us to maintain a peep at him within Crimson Bull Racing. It appropriate shows that when you maintain the becoming commitment, the becoming perspective then things can turn around and skills does in any appreciate times rise to the pinnacle.

Q: As a enlighten-as a lot as that, are you able to examine and incompatibility Alex with Pierre Gasly?

CH: I judge that clearly for Pierre it used to be very great for him coming into the open up of the season off the succor off two accidents in pre-season and that I judge surely affected his confidence and for certain being the team-mate to Max Verstappen is a if truth be told great job to maintain, having that reference level. For Pierre, it used to be a difficult first half of of the season for him. Clearly we felt that with the stress building on him, the general public stress, the media scrutiny, it used to be neatly helpful to steal him from that and set up him into the a small bit much less pressured atmosphere of Toro Rosso. And since that switch I judge he has pushed again exceptionally effectively. You can perhaps perhaps perhaps appreciate his confidence is rising. He’s pushed some very trusty races and his perambulate is getting better and better. He seems to be happier in that atmosphere, which is correct to peep.

Q: (Jesus Balseiro – Diario AS) Christian again, furthermore about your drivers. Carlos Sainz old to be a Crimson Bull driver. What’s your notion about his efficiency this 365 days. And furthermore, at any level did you be apologetic about losing him, appropriate infected about him as a trusty option for the 2nd Crimson Bull this season?

CH: Effectively, I judge it’s been true to peep Carlos uncover correct into a trusty automobile this 365 days and he has carried out a if truth be told true job. He has carried out a if truth be told true job. He has pushed effectively. He has very a lot been the most efficient of the comfort after the neighborhood of the pinnacle three groups and he’s pushed some very trusty races this 365 days. We elected to switch our varied ways however we’re gentle proud that we gave him the different to return into System 1 and that he’s managed to use that different to slash himself our a profession, albeit now with any other team.

Q: (Marcel Teixeira – Reuters) I would are attempting to snatch from the three team bosses how valuable used to be this predominant session, thanks to the local weather cases, for certain? It seems we’re going to maintain wet weather again this afternoon.

OS: We didn’t stop a lot running so… We did a small bit little bit of running on the intermediate tyres so it used to be valuable to total that. We won a small little bit of working out and a small little bit of recordsdata on what to total right here on the intermediate tyre however we’ll appreciate what the comfort of the weekend holds. I imagine tomorrow and Sunday will likely be dry.

CH: Effectively, for us it used to be rather a luxurious session. It started true. Alex, first time in Brazil, first time on the song, went fastest on the intermediates and then because the circuit seemed esteem it used to be starting up to uncover dry, I judge there maintain been ten cars that went out on slicks and Max went off at turn two – however on his enjoy this time…

OS: On his enjoy final time too, by the methodology!

CH: And Alex sadly, with cool brakes, he locked up into the final turn and did a small little bit of ruin so it’s dented the mechanics’ lunch destroy to uncover the automobile appealing for the following session.

FV: For particular it’s no longer a straightforward session, it used to be a lot extra fee fine for me than for Christian, however he has a lot extra cash furthermore. But no, on the stop, the evolution of the song used to be so fine that it used to be hard to total comparability. You had some cars heading in the correct route with slicks, with wets, with inters [so] I’m no longer particular it used to be the most efficient session of the season.

Q: (Emerson Furkim – Car Magazine) I would esteem you to discuss a small bit bit about the recent rules for the 2021 season, so I if truth be told maintain two fast questions. The principal one: stop you judge that the pricetag range cap will if truth be told shut the hole between the groups? And the 2nd question is will the fans if truth be told appreciate extra overtakes heading in the correct route with the recent cars?

TT: For the PU producers, we don’t maintain a worth range cap. In the rules, we now maintain a attempting out time limitation, gigantic low cost required and by methodology of the groups, I want to hear from the assorted other folks. Furthermore that set of chassis trend required (for added overtaking) we can appreciate. From a PU level of bump into, we strive to uncover a trusty PU and then uncover the rush extra fun.

OS: Effectively, the pricetag range cap… we’re going to be nowhere near it so this could perhaps even no longer maintain a fine impact on us however a pair of of the larger groups that must perhaps downsize I’m particular this could perhaps even maintain an impact in the fast term and then they’ll hit some invent of equilibrium the attach they’ll continue to be trusty however I judge this could perhaps even maintain an impact on the starting up. Will the recent rules assist overtaking? I will’t predict that. We belief that the recent front cruise this 365 days used to be going to total that and it didn’t so I’m doubtful. Hopefully the work that’s been set up in with rising a selected wake of the main automobile can maintain an impact on the following automobile however whether or no longer it permits extra overtaking, I will’t predict that.

CH: Effectively the pricetag range cap question… what it’s best to be privy to the pricetag range cap is that it’s mounted for a five 365 days duration so for no doubt the pinnacle three groups it’s a substantial scenario to uncover correct into a web voice to clearly uncover beneath that cap for 2021 onwards. After which clearly when we’re there we now maintain to preserve there for five years, so whilst there must gentle be some divergence between the smaller groups and the elevated groups over a timeframe and confidently as revenues continue to develop at some level of the sport with the plans that Liberty… and the expansion that they request to peep through the following five years I judge things will naturally converge. I judge the frustration about the rules are it makes next 365 days very pricey as a result of we now maintain effectively three things going on: we now maintain the most modern automobile to develop, we now maintain tyre attempting out on behalf of Pirelli with a invent of an intervening time automobile and then we now maintain the reach of a recent automobile to a recent situation of rules, so next 365 days is a gigantic scenario. And by methodology of the stop result to the foundations, stop they terminate the target? Handiest time will elaborate. I judge the draw is extensive in what they’re attempting to terminate with this excessive wake conception. Whether that’s achievable easiest time will elaborate. The cars are going to peep a lot varied, it’s very a lot a pleasant sheet of paper, the rules, so with that you have a tendency to uncover divergence as adversarial to convergence and clearly the cars are a small bit extra just correct, there’s no longer as many aerodynamic influencing facets at some level of the automobile so it’s no doubt going to be attention-grabbing and confidently the draw is to uncover it to be extra driver influenced which I judge is easiest a obvious thing.

FV: Yeah, the realm is a small bit varied compared with the groups however for particular the pricetag range cap obtained’t maintain an impact on in any appreciate of the six or seven groups on the grid. This could also maintain an impact on the pinnacle groups however on the assorted hand they’ll maintain extra sources to develop the recent automobile next 365 days as Christian acknowledged sooner than, however the most attention-grabbing thing for me is the stability of the rules of various duration however if we substitute the rules once again in ’23 or ’24 however this is also very hard for the shrimp groups to maintain an advantage on this. After which on the overtaking, I judge the target is obvious however the FIA and the FOM worked colorful laborious to prick succor the wake of the cars and to maintain a bigger working out of this however now we can appreciate easiest in Melbourne ’21 what’s the realm.

MI: To reply to the question, we’re no longer enviornment to the pricetag range cap. In regards to the rules, I want to be obvious as a result of whether it’s miles comely that the cars that are following are losing a lot much less downforce, clearly it’s miles a gigantic assist for the tyres no longer to overheat and to preserve the efficiency and this must assist overtaking, then clearly we can know in Melbourne 2021 however I want to be obvious. I judge we’re taking the becoming route.

Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Christian, you mentioned Alex’s off in FP1. Clearly the cases maintain been rather a well-known have confidence that, so are you able to appropriate invent of brush this one apart or has he got a small bit little bit of a sinful behavior of this, as a result of we’ve viewed a pair of events in be aware this 365 days he’s had rather pricey accidents?

CH: I judge this day wasn’t… that that you would possibly well’t positioned on Alex’s listing. I judge perhaps we maintain been a small bit bit too optimistic getting accessible, attempting to uncover him laps in on a song that used to be gentle colorful damp in the heart sector. Max, as I counsel, he had a 2nd at turn one, turn two. There maintain been varied cars that maintain been running huge so I don’t judge this day we are in a position to blame that on Alex however he has had a pair of small incidents this 365 days. Happily they’ve all been on Fridays and Saturday mornings. When it’s come to it in qualifying and the rush he’s completely delivered.


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