Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto, who described the Brazilian clash between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc as a “stupid move”, said the Maranello team would set clear rules for its drivers before next season.

At the end of the race in the fight for fourth place, Leclerc first overtook Vettel, and the Ferrari racers collided on the fourth turn when Vettel wanted to regain his lost position.

At the end of the race, Italian team boss Mattia Binotto described his racing as stupid and damaging to Ferrari.

“It's not about punishment or who we blame,” Binotto said.

“We had secured a second place in the constructors' championship and knew they could fight for a better championship position, but fighting doesn't mean stupid actions, especially between two teammates and Ferrari racers. What they did was simply stupid and hurt Ferrari. “

Binotto has revealed that they will set clear rules for Ferrari before next season

“This is unacceptable and they are aware of it. This year's season is almost over, but before the next one, we will set clear rules, as such things must no longer be repeated. “

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