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( – If anyone knows how Toto Wolff is ticking, then one of his closest associates in the Mercedes factory team in Formula 1. Now has Aldo Costa as a longtime Chief Engineer of the Silver Arrows in the podcast “Past the Grid” talked about his experiences and gained some interesting insights into the way of working in Brackley.

Aldo Costa, Toto Wolff

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Aldo Costa (hyperlinks) in conversation with his boss at Mercedes, Toto Wolff Get According Wolff is after his appointment as Mercedes sports chief beginning 2019 “very gentle” Joined the team and took over only “step by step”, so Costa. “Now Toto is our great leader.”

What's more: Wolff has an infectious way of dealing with his colleagues, says Costa. “He is a role model for each one of us, in dealing with problems and with people, for our behavior [generell]. He is not at all distanced, but one of us.” Costa speaks of a “good”, even “friendly” relationship between him and his – meanwhile – former boss.

The dual role of Wolff at Mercedes undisputed boss, but on the other hand also one of your colleagues.That is not quite commonplace, “says Costa, the Mercedes in September 2020 after eight years has left for Dallara 2013

How does he compare Wolff to Ross Brawn in retrospect? Brawn had initially headed the Mercedes factory team before Wolff joined. From this supervisor Costa swears: “Ross was one of the best, if not the best technical director in Formula 1 history.” He was also a great team boss. “

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Costa had ever left because of Brawn Ferrari. “We worked together very well there for nine years and when he called [2011], I came immediately because I trusted him,” said the Italian.

He praises Brawn for his work in setting up the young Mercedes factory team: “Ross laid the foundation stone, built the team, then took over Toto and led the team to the same level it is today.” Which level is this? The very highest: Since

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