Ecclestone: System 1 and Fia have helped Ferrari win multiple times


Former Boss and Formula One alpha and omega boss Bernie Ecclestone has acknowledged that System 1, under his leadership in collaboration with the Fia International Automobile Association, has repeatedly helped Ferrari succeed on the track

“System 1 is Ferrari and Ferrari is System 1.”

“Helping Ferrari was always the smartest thing we could do. This has always been done through technical regulations. ”

“Max Mosley (former FIA president) has helped them win many times. I admit, I also wanted Ferrari victories. Of course, there are seasons when they are on top of another team, but their interest is also in defeating a competitive Ferrari. It's something to beat Sauber, and something else to beat the red car on the track. “

“Even now I am convinced that at some point they certainly helped them with the motor policy.”

“Despite the dominance of Mercedes and all the titles they have won, they are considered the most titles in the seasons when they beat Ferrari.”

Ecclestone is not impressed with the direction in which new owners of Liberty Media are taking Formula One.

“I set up a five-star restaurant, and they turned it into Mcdonalds. At one point I saw racers in purple clothes. If I had anything to do with it, I would tell them to come back when they are properly dressed.

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