Leclerc reported fans insulting Vettl


Charles Leclerc, who is very active on Instagram, made it clear to his fans after the race that the insults at the expense of his teammate Sebastian Vettl were unacceptable, and the most bloodthirsty was reported by Monacan.

The collision between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel in the Brazilian GP race also raised a lot of dust online, with most fans blaming the double resignation of Ferrari racers for Vettel, who has received some harsh criticism.

Leclerc made it clear to his followers that he did not approve the insult to the Vettl account, and that some accounts were deleted after his intervention.

I am trying to thank Charles Leclerc for teaching his fans behave and respectfully varied drivers, especially the driver being his teammate. Hope his 'too fanatic' fans can learn from this🙂

– Syifa Maulani (@ SyifaMaulani7) November 20,