1 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)

2 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

3 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Pink Bull Racing)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta)


Q: Lewis you’ll be ready to witness it’s a somewhat true response you’ve obtained. I bet it’s the finest manner it’s most likely you’ll signal off this season on a Saturday – pole attach, the first time since Germany as successfully.

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, it’s been this type of long slog looking out to get this pole attach in, but we true stored our heads down and true continuing to strive… the fellows had been doing a big job round me, the replacement drivers, so it modified into in actuality juts looking out to focal point on continuing to achieve my job. The day past modified into rather wobbly, so I needed to in actuality recompose myself last evening and advance attend this day focused and managed to in actuality dial within the automotive with big work from the engineers, mechanics continuing to achieve a big job and yeah, what a crowd. Each time I advance right here I appear to get an enlargement of savor right here in Abu Dhabi, and moreover there are an enlargement of Brits right here as successfully, so a gargantuan thank you to each person.


Q: And how tremendous is it to get a automotive that you fully focal point on? It’s appeared in shape all weekend and I to find that’s credit to the team. You attain by no formula give up attain you?

LH: We by no formula give up. There’s always room to pink meat up. There has been an enlargement of grunt in this complete yr, I to find for thus many folks within the team. I will clearly talk about for myself, there’s been an enlargement of grunt but moreover these last couple of races there’s been an enlargement of grunt, from a driver’s standpoint, and true constantly in search of these limited milliseconds. You already know, Valtteri 2.0 has been rapid moreover this weekend, so I’m ecstatic that we’re in this attach. Clearly to discontinuance the qualifying season with a pole, which has been a whereas, you realize we’ve only had four earlier on this yr, so… It’s been a assorted automotive and it’s the last time I’ll get to qualify with it so I’m ecstatic I did it proud this day.


Q: And Max is clearly lining up alongside you; continue on that wrestle that you had in Brazil that stored us on the perimeter of our seat?

LH: Fully, yeah. I to find we’re in a barely better attach this weekend. Clearly, Max is constant to drive successfully, but I’m awaiting combating with him no doubt.


Q: Valtteri, it’s a front row but on the same time you clearly to find a grid penalty. I bet tremendous to be within the market and designate what Mercedes are good of but true in actuality feel immediate on the kill?

Valtteri BOTTAS: Yeah, as a team it’s been a really solid day and we saw the day prior to this within the qualifying [simulations] that we to find now got an valid flow. Didn’t in actuality feel rather as true this day as it did the day prior to this with my automotive, struggling a bit more with sliding, but I to find Lewis made some true improvements for the reason that day before this day and he place some true laps together within the qualifying, so he modified into sooner. Finally, I’m going to initiating last with my 40-attach grid penalty or without reference to, so we’ll safe the stopping spirit for the following day.


Q: For sure it’s most realistic to delight in that effort. You’re going to be a nuisance in some folks’s mirrors, and likewise you’ll be pushing the full contrivance, you obtained a bit little bit of insight the day prior to this, attain you suspect that you’ll be ready to advance through and get on the podium?

VB: I factor in. The rest is feasible. We attain to find an valid automotive and on the full Sunday is better than Saturday for us so we’ll give all of it I in actuality to find no doubt.


Q: Max, front row initiating. I know you true came immediate this day, it wasn’t rather there on the kill, Mercedes to find appeared supreme, but an valid initiating and likewise you’re already within the wrestle with this guy that you had been combating with in Brazil.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, I to find this day modified into the finest that shall we attain. I to find each person is aware of that. Mercedes is extraordinarily dominant right here. We tried every little thing shall we. I to find total somewhat overjoyed. Peaceable true to initiating on the front row. Clearly I’d to find bewitch to in point of fact qualify there. I to find silent an enlargement of probabilities for the following day, so we’ll witness what occurs.


Q: How did the automotive in actuality feel the day prior to this on the long runs? Attach you suspect you are aggressive ample to inch them?

MV: From our aspect it felt alright, but we always know that Mercedes are very snappy on the long runs. We’ll true wait and witness what occurs the following day.




Q: Lewis, an emphatic performance by you, the automotive perceived to be performing successfully, how true modified into the lap?

LH: Thank you. It positively modified into a really true qualifying session for us. It’s no longer been the finest in terms of qualifying for us one day of the yr. It’s been something we’ve true been chipping away at. Brooding about we’re no longer constructing the automotive within the within the period in-between I to find we true in actuality tried to witness what shall we pull out of the automotive this weekend and it’s successfully suit to the music and it’s been feeling true. The day past modified into a bit bit traumatic. I needed to re-centre myself for this day. Yeah, I to find the finest factor is whenever you happen to get to Q3 and likewise you pull out two true laps. I to find my first lap it felt particular after which the second clearly modified into an enchancment, so I will’t bitch. Simply a gargantuan thank you to the full team for his or her persevered efforts and even supposing we to find now got both titles received they continue to push and strive for better and that’s keen for me, so I’ve been doing the same factor.


Q: It’s been a whereas for you, for the reason that German GP your last pole. How great pride does this present you with?

LH: Yeah, no doubt. It feels longer than the German Wide Prix. If I’m in actuality true I don’t even realize how I obtained the German Wide Prix pole. Nonetheless yeah, it’s been in actuality laborious, in particular since we to find now got advance attend from the spoil. The competition has been spectacular; all drivers had been doing an improbable job. I don’t think my qualifying has been terrible nevertheless it’s true no longer been at my frequent customary in all likelihood, so no doubt it’s incredibly relaxing to recollect the fact that we to find now got place the work and to discontinuance my last qualifying session with this automotive, which has been a exact improbable inch with this automotive this yr, so that it’s good to discontinuance it off on the front row, there’s no longer a larger feeling in actuality. Clearly that’s no longer even half the job performed. The next day we’ve obtained to wrestle with the Ferraris and the Pink Bulls but I to find we place ourselves within the finest attach most likely so incredibly overjoyed. Truly, it’s in actuality appealing, you insist it’s 88 [poles] nevertheless it in point of fact feels worship the first, I don’t know why. It feels big-new. Per chance because it’s been so long since earlier on within the season and I’m ecstatic to discontinuance on five poles within the yr.


Q: Valtteri, big lap. The automotive perceived to pink meat up as the session went on.

VB: Yeah, the lap modified into OK. I to find silent it felt worship Lewis modified into a bit too snappy and I to find we had been barely assorted with attach-up as successfully by the kill of the qualifying. Truly, I felt a bit more overjoyed the day prior to this with the automotive total. Nonetheless clearly for me, the rest I modified into looking out to protect in my mind modified into for the inch because, in spite of every little thing, without reference to occurs this day I knew I’m going to be initiating last with my, I originate no longer know how many attach, grid penalty, 40, or something. So, I mean, I tried, clearly, as laborious as I could presumably. In Q2 I did only one hunch to place a new tyre attach for the inch, one attach of Softs, if wished. Nonetheless yeah, Lewis did a really true job, so congrats for the 88th – it’s a gargantuan quantity. Big admire for that. Nonetheless yeah, I’m true in actuality already looking out ahead for the following day, because it’ll be compromised.


Q: Valtteri, what’s the opinion for the following day. Can you diagram your inch, or are you going to must react to what’s happening round you?

VB: Without a doubt, we’ve tried to form a opinion and the full weekend, looking out to optimise for the inch because, worship I acknowledged, qualifying end result doesn’t in actuality matter for me this day. So, every little thing we’ve performed with the tyre choices, and every little thing we’ve tried to optimise that. We’ve had many tips for the strategy, and clearly it’s going to be a problem, coming up from there – but I attain stay up for it. I’m sure it’ll also be relaxing looking out to advance attend up.


Q: Closing opinion Valtteri. How are you feeling? You’re no longer sounding big.

VB: Feeling better already than a few days within the past. I’ve been rather in unhappy health this week, I to find since Monday evening, so after I travelled right here it obtained worse – but within the automotive it doesn’t matter. The adrenaline kicks in and likewise you feel regular.


Q: Max, at one stage for the duration of the session you reported suspension hassle. Became once there any effort with the automotive?

MV: No, it modified into true to set up. Due to I hit no doubt one of the orange inner – the high ones. So they would possibly to find a witness at it, no longer that it would possibly per chance most likely most likely presumably to find us , or the rest.


Q: And true narrate us about your Q3 session. How true modified into the lap? How modified into the automotive performing?

MV: I to find the lap modified into in actuality respectable. There modified into no longer great I could presumably attain better, I to find. I mean, there is by no formula a ideal lap. It modified into true. I mean, I modified into true driving to the boundaries. We true perceived to lack barely grip, when put next with them. Especially, they are very snappy within the last sector. And there are an enlargement of off-camber corners. They’re always very dominant right here on this music, and we tried to be as shut as shall we and unfortunately we had been true missing a bit too great in that last sector. Nonetheless total, I to find I’m somewhat ecstatic. To be third in qualifying, second on the grid. Clearly, I’d to find most favorite to be there on pure flow but for us I to find it modified into a somewhat sure weekend.


Podium right here last yr. Attach you adore your probabilities of getting on the kill step the following day?

MV: I bet you are going to always strive but you moreover would possibly presumably silent be realistic and I to find Mercedes is terribly snappy – but we’ll give it every little thing we to find now got, the following day within the inch.




Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Lewis, you acknowledged that it felt worship it’d been longer that Germany because you had been on pole. Simply questioned if it’s a weight off in any manner? If it’s something you’ve considered through the season, or is it a case of you get the pole now and only then you definately realise, ‘damn, it’s been nevertheless many races’?

LH: No, there wasn’t a nervousness through the season. Clearly, I’m successfully conscious that you’ll be ready to’t to find all of them. I’ve been extremely lucky and performed a barely respectable job over the years – but yeah, I to find true with understanding the automotive and within the kill true squeezing out the finest: no longer over-driving; no longer under-driving; in search of the reliable steadiness one day of the yr. And plus, clearly we’ve had some big opposition. Opponents that are doing a big job – but yeah, I to find Austin modified into doubtlessly the last time the automotive modified into ready to be on the front row, which Valtteri did but I true wasn’t there, so it’s irritating whenever you happen to miss out on these sessions. I to find it modified into the same in Japan. Nonetheless, it’s big, as I acknowledged, these last two races in particular, I’ve performed an enlargement of experimenting. With my driving model and with the automotive. Simply looking out to witness if I will eke out a bit bit more. And I to find I’m nearer to it. No longer 100 per cent but I’ll notice what I’m worship this yr into next.


Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Demand for you Max. You acknowledged strive to be realistic the following day. So, you’re initiating on the Medium tyre. The gap on the Medium perceived to be a bit larger than on the at ease to Mercedes. It’s doubtlessly going to be a one-discontinuance inch. The music is no longer not most likely for overtaking. Attach you witness any likelihood of getting first the following day?

MV: Sounds sure! No, my lap modified into no longer not most likely on the Medium. In Q3 it modified into almost half a second and on the Medium it modified into sixth-tenths. So, its no longer a gargantuan deal. It’s going to be laborious. I’m no longer going to lie but worship I acknowledged, we’ll strive every little thing we are capable of as a team and we’ll witness where we kill up.


Q: (Heikki Kulta – Turun Sanomat) Valtteri, with this automotive in this circuit, is it most likely to be within the kill three the following day as successfully?

VB: All the issues is ceaselessly most likely. There’s no point for me to attach any restrict in actuality for the following day. So no doubt, we’ll to find an valid stopping spirit. Steal each opportunity there shall be the following day and no doubt there shall be some. We’ve viewed crazy races this yr – witness attend two weeks in Brazil. So the rest is feasible. Look forward to coming up and taking these opportunities and foremost having relaxing within the automotive.


Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, the day prior to this Mattia Binotto acknowledged that you had been an prominent driver and the fact that you’ll be on hand in 2021 to signal can only form him overjoyed, so true your response to that, and whether or no longer that would possibly offer you with something to take into yarn over the iciness?

LH: Well, right here’s the first time I’ve heard of that. I to find that’s the first compliment I’ve had from Ferrari in these thirteen years.

MV: It’s because you’re beating them.

LH: I in point of fact don’t be conscious them ever declaring me ever so thank you, I’ll to find it, doesn’t in actuality mean the rest, it’s all talk about but yeah, it’s tremendous that finally… it’s taken all these years for him to recognise presumably but I’m grateful.


Q: (Andreas Haupt – Auto, Moto und Sport) Lewis and Max, from what you’ve viewed thus far this weekend, attain you witness Ferrari as a doable likelihood or are they true too former right here this weekend and is all of it between you the following day?

LH: Yeah, I to find their long hunch modified into true, huh? I to find their long hunch modified into solid. I don’t in actuality know where they are.

MV: Charles will initiating third.

LH: His Q2 hunch modified into true on the mediums, wasn’t it, so that they’ve clearly obtained flow. I to find it’s going to be shut between us all. No longer to be unfavourable, but I true wonder if… this music is awesome and this occasion is awesome but I ponder if it’s time they did a delicate adjustment to it to form it a bit more straightforward for us to overhaul, presumably. I don’t know. It’s a laborious attach for us to note. We’ve obtained these big long straights that are true.

MV: Yeah, the atmosphere is big…

LH: I don’t know what they must switch but…

MV: Less off-camber corners.

LH: Yeah, presumably. Banked corners can be true.

MV: Yeah.

Q: Your thoughts on Ferrari, Max. Leclerc fastest in Q2 on the medium tyre?

MV: Yeah, no doubt he moreover went for a second run at it but yeah, they’re going to be there. I don’t nervousness about it too great, you true safe out for the duration of the inch. High-tail to bed, sleep successfully and to find relaxing the following day.


Q: (Ben Hunt – The Sun) Simply following up on Phil’s ask to Lewis: it’s all very tremendous,  compliments, but are they wasting their time being tremendous to you? Are you going to turn them down or are you being attentive to the rest that they must insist, sure, unfavourable? Would you be attracted to talking to them about your future almost about Ferrari?

LH: No, it’s sure. What modified into the first piece, sorry? I to find it’s by no formula a waste of time to ever being tremendous to somebody. As I acknowledged, it has been a protracted, very long time and a team that I’ve always liked over the years, so that it’s good to fabricate their admire from somebody from there who’s clearly very high up is clearly no longer a incorrect factor. I to find they’ve obtained two big drivers as is so who’s aware of what the motive force market’s going to be doing over the next yr. Nonetheless if I’m in actuality true, I’m no longer in actuality interested by that correct this second: looking out to make certain I discontinuance off solid. I’ve obtained this gorgeous neighborhood of folks that hire me where I’m and I in actuality feel worship I true continue to owe it to them to give my heart to them and my vitality 100 per cent to them, in particular as I’m silent in contract and negotiations haven’t started but. I in point of fact don’t know how the next phase of the months goes to head by manner of contract. It’s very queer that you to find to achieve it almost a yr sooner than it ends and it will’t be performed in the direction of the kill but that’s true the contrivance it goes but we are capable of witness.


Q: (Beatrice Zamuner – Motorlat) Fernando Alonso earlier acknowledged that he’s going to protect the door originate for 2021, so what would your response be to a comeback of a driver of his calibre?

LH: I’d be more true overjoyed that I received’t be the oldest right here! So welcome an older dude, he can advance alongside. Fernando’s clearly a successfully-accomplished driver. It’s fascinating to witness within the past, clearly, with drivers looking out out for to advance attend attend, worship Michael, and it’s something you’ve performed your complete existence so… I haven’t spoken to Fernando so I don’t know how he’s been feeling or how great he’s uncared for it, but I don’t think it would possibly per chance most likely be incorrect for the sport. One way or the other, there’s an enlargement of young young folks on their manner up and there’s only 20 seats, so he has moreover had his timeframe there, but when there’s no other true children coming through then… there positively is home for some that are within the within the period in-between right here that doubtlessly can be modified. So I’d welcome it.

VB: Consider Lewis, nothing in actuality to add. Same thoughts.

MV: Yeah, fully, I mean Fernando’s a big driver but it’s most realistic to silent only advance attend…

LH: You acknowledged something about him coming attend.

MV: Me?

LH: Yeah. You acknowledged that… advance attend… with me.

MV: Is that so?

LH: You already know, in my first season.

MV: You had been equal on facets, wasn’t it?

LH: In my first season.

MV: Yeah, that’s correct. You did a big job. No, but he’s a big driver, I to find you’ll be ready to agree on that, correct?

LH: Clearly.

MV: And it would possibly per chance most likely be true to witness him… if he would possibly presumably advance attend but only in a aggressive automotive in another case I to find it’s true a waste of time for him. Nonetheless I to find he is aware of that himself so…



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