Qualifying duels 2019 under test: Only two groups with clear winners


(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Formula One season internal team duels spawned. Not only at Ferrari was fought hard against each other, even in other groups donated the garage neighbors nothing. In the analysis – adjusted for any outliers – the qualifying high-tail shows only two groups a clear picture. Things got hot in the eight remaining duels.

Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc


How did Sebastian Vettel fare against qualifier in the qualifying session against Charles Leclerc? Zoom Download

In the world champion racing Mercedes could Valtteri Bottas equalized with Lewis Hamilton this season in the number of pole positions, both made five. In the qualifying duel in Abu Dhabi it was finally : 8 for the world champion. On average, Hamilton battles at 0, 110 seconds faster than Bottas on a lap, as BBC journalist

Andrew Benson calculated and confirmed our database as well.

At competitor Ferrari was much closer to: Charles Leclerc was on average at just 0, 110 Seconds enforce against Sebastian Vettel. In the qualifying duel of the grid positions the Monegasse was able to : 9 also win. He crowned himself the quali-king of the season with seven pole positions.

In the third top team battle the matter was particularly clear: Max Verstappen distanced Pierre Gasly regularly on average in the first half of the season by 0, 433 seconds. His new team-mate Alexander Albon came a little closer to the Dutch, but also remained on average 0, 433 seconds behind.

In midfield, the duel between Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris was particularly exciting. The Spaniard and the Briton dueled to the last race, in the end the rookie kept the upper hand in the qualifying duel (purely for starting places). Modified into as soon as the average distance between the two drivers is concerned, Sainz is in the lead: 0, 107 Seconds.

In McLaren's biggest competitor, Renault battle, the duel is a bit clearer. Daniel Ricciardo sat down with : 7 against Nico Hulkenberg by. The Germans were missing on average, however, only 0, 182 seconds on the Australian. At Racing Point, the duel went clearly to Sergio Perez (0, seconds ago before Lance Stroll).

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Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc

In the Alfa duel Kimi Raikkonen prevailed very narrowly against Antonio Giovinazzi. The Italian woke up especially in the second half of the season, he was missing on average only 0, 078 seconds on the champion. Nevertheless, the Finn won the qualifying duel : .

Haas also had a tight schedule: Kevin Magnussen averaged just 0, 110 seconds against Romain Grosjean. He also won the qualifying duel 041: 9th At Toro Rosso Daniil Kwjat had to compete against two riders. Against Alexander Albon in the first half of the season, he was just around 0, 10 seconds through.

Against Pierre Gasly in the second half, the Russian did harder. The Frenchman could win this duel with an average of 0, 212 seconds. Only at the end of the field battle the duel monotonous: George Russell was the only driver kept the white vest. He averaged 0 seconds, 433 seconds faster than Robert Kubica.

The duels at a glance (average distance):

Mercedes: Hamilton / 0, 212 seconds / Bottas

Ferrari: Leclerc / 0, 110 / Vettel

Purple Bull 1: Verstappen / 0, 324 / Gasly

Purple Bull 2: Verstappen / 0, 433 / Albon

McLaren: Sainz / 0, 041 / Norris

Renault: Ricciardo / 0, 324 / Hulkenberg

Racing Point: Perez / 0, 478 / Stroll

Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen / 0, 041 / Giovinazzi

Haas: Magnussen / 0, 122 / Grosjean Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc
Toro Rosso 1: Kwjat / 0, / Albon

Toro Rosso 2: Gasly / 0, 589 / Kwjat

Williams: Russell / 0, 478 / Kubica

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