Most will be shrugging off the name of Al Pease, while motorsport enthusiasts will remember this Canadian racer as the only racer who was disqualified in Formula One history for speeding.


Al Pease made his Formula 1 debut with the Eagle Mk1 car in the home race of the Canadian GP of the Year 1967, while local racers in F1 were something out of the ordinary. Pease came in the attain of the goal in his premiere race, but fell behind 43 laps.

Al Pease je edini dirkač, ki je bil v zgodovini Formule 1 diskvalificiran zaradi prepočasne vožnje.

Al Pease is the only racer in Formula One history to be disqualified for speeding.

A year later, Pease tried again, but was unable to get started due to a faulty engine after extremely poor qualifications. The saying “goes third” certainly does not apply in the case of a Canadian racer, since he 1969 entered F1 history as the only racer to be disqualified for being too slow driving.

Pease caused a series of incidents at the very beginning of the race, after complicating himself with leading Jackie Stewart, and Matra team owner Ken Tyrrell intervened to lead the race and demanded Pease be removed from the track. The jury then referred to the Canadian 46. lap (Pease was transported by attain at the time 22) showed a black flag and disqualified him, making his Formula 1 final finished

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