Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan believes Lewis Hamilton will make the move to Ferrari this season 2021 and brought his boss Tot Wolff with him to Maranella.

Rumors have been escalating in recent times that a six-time Formula One World Champion 2021 might cross okay Ferrari, which was not excluded in Maranell.

Longtime F1 team owner Eddie Jordan is convinced of this, but believes that Sebastian Vettel could go the other way.

Jordan told High Gear:

The year 2021 is a good time for Hamilton to cross in a Ferrari. He is slowly approaching the end of his career, but wants to win another title. In my opinion, the real reason is that at the end of the year 2020 Tot Wolff expires. He is aware that Mercedes may also leave Formula 1 and Ferrari is his best option. At the same time, Lewis needs someone to protect him against Leclerc at Ferrari, and Wolff is an ideal option for him. I'm sure Hamilton will 2021 race for Ferrari in the year, with Toto Wolff as team leader. Mercedes could take the opportunity and bring Vettl into their ranks, as they certainly want a German racer. Unless that happens, in my opinion, Vettel will retire after the end of the season 2020.

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