(Motorsport-Total.com) – After a first dinner in Brazil between Red Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen with regard to 2021 , another meeting took place in Abu Dhabi on this topic. No new contract is lashed yet, but so far everything seems to be on track between the energy drink manufacturer and the Dutch shooting star.

Helmut Marko, Max Verstappen


Will this dream team stay together in the Formula 1 season 2021? Zoom Rep

“Natural” “Everything positive” emphasizes Verstappen, when asked about the renewed meeting with Marko at the annual ServoseTV suppose at Hangar-7 in Salzburg. But you have to put it into perspective: Of all things, on Hangar-7 and next to Marko on the couch Verstappen would hardly say anything else …

Nevertheless, he sounds credibly confident when he says: “I have a good feeling about the team. Everything is going well. And I think that's the bottom line. We all want to win together. I'm relaxed. “

A meeting with Ferrari he reflexively dismisses himself (“That was what Lewis did!”), and Lewis Hamilton's allusion that he is said to be with Toto Wolff for a Mercedes Cockpit have asked, Verstappen also wipes (at least indirectly) from the table when he answers the question whether he can choose his team for 2021: “It doesn't matter in the end. I want to win now. With Red Bull.”

While Verstappen more or less confidently parlates the questions from moderator Andreas Gröbl, Marko sits grinning next to him. This does not give the impression of being afraid of losing Verstappen.

Marko does not have the conversations with Verstappen himself, but “with his supervisor. We don't want to burden him with such things . “

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