(Motorsport-Total.com) – Formula E recently experienced a real mumble. Several manufacturers showed interest in the all-electric racing series. In the new season, twelve groups and eleven manufacturers, including Mercedes, will be launched for the first time. The E-Flitzer EQ Silver Arrow 01 was specially developed for this. Ferrari is lagging behind in this regard.

Mattia Binotto


Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto sees no purely electric Formula 1 future Zoom Download

Although the manufacturer presented this year with the SF 90 Stradale a new sports car that has a 1000 powerful hybrid drive. A purely electric Ferrari will not appear before 2025 according to company statements. Also develop into the e-future of Formula 1, Ferrari is rather cautious.

“Formula 1 cannot be electric because Formula E is already there,” says Mattia Binotto stuck. “In this respect, it is certainly the ultimate platform for this, but not Formula 1. It can be a different platform for all-electric propulsion, although many believe that even the automotive industry does not completely switch to it.”

Ferrari CEO: Technology not where it should be

He is not there himself Sure, admits Binotto and emphasizes at the same time: “Formula 1 seems to be able to play a very important key role here for the future technology of the automobile. “

When it comes to defining the format of the drive units for the next Abilities, the Ferrari team boss is certain that this will not be fully electric. CEO Louis Camilleri agrees with Binotto. “Certainly we are doing research in this direction, but it will be hybrids for the foreseeable future,” he says.

Charles Leclerc


Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri does not call the technology for electric cars mature Zoom Download

“My feeling is that the technology will only be ready after 2025. The battery technology is still not where it should be. If we look at the future technologies where they are today, there are still significant problems with autonomy, speed of charging, and heaps others. And that is for united states of americaklar “analyzed Camilleri.

manufacturer deals with alternative fuels

That's why you don't get to Ferrari at short notice, but first after 2025 come out with appropriate solutions. When asked about a possible hydrogen Ferrari as a model of the future, the CEO says: “We will look at different options for united states of america. I think many automotive companies are only concentrating on electric.”

Ferrari however, deal with both biofuels and hydrogen. “We are furthermore looking at different drivetrains and trying to see develop into our future vision for Ferrari vehicles would be the most efficient and effective in the future. I think that's the way to go,” Camilleri concludes.

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