(Motorsport-Total.com) – Valtteri Bottas has not achieved his very big goal this year. Nevertheless, the season 2019 was the best so far in the Finnish Formula 1 career, because he decided on P2 in the world championship standings behind his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton. This performance, Bottas believes, ensured that he continued to work for the Silver Arrows ( experienced crucial aspects here! ).

Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas believes: 2019 he made advertising on his own behalf Zoom Download

“If I had a season similar to 2018, then the crew probably wouldn't have continued with me. That's how it works in Formula 1, “Bottas said in an interview 'Motorsport-Total.com'. But he had learned to accept this pressure situation. “And now I can say with satisfaction:” I still have many, many years ahead of me. “

A year ago, however, warfare Bottas went into the winter break in a depressed mood, after a season without an Honorable Prix victory and after four fifth places in a row in the final races of the year. “At that time, I had counted the days until the end of the season and hoped [2019] to make a personal restart,” he explains “The last month of the season 2018 felt like an eternity.”

Bottas admits: In the final phase of last season “I lost my love for Formula 1 a bit, but I [inzwischen] fell in love with Formula 1 again. Now I really enjoy driving. “

Why Mercedes chose Bottas

We analyze the background of the Mercedes decision to continue 2020 with Valtteri Bottas instead of Esteban Ocon More formula 1-Videos

Indeed began 2019 Very promising for Bottas: He won the season opener in Australia and led the drivers' standings for the first time, but lost the connection to his title rival Hamilton and thus his World Cup chances a little later due to twelve winless races in a row.

Still Bottas evaluates 2019 as a personal success that has been “very important” be – “for me and my general wellbeing find “, as the Mercedes driver explains. “Compared to last year, I am definitely in a completely different psychological position.”

“The trend,” Bottas continues, “shows for 2020 to the top, the crew is aware of that and I know [nach 2019] that after a bad season you can start again strongly into a new one Season can start. “

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